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Dear Citizens of Knox County

Over the years our county has grown rapidly; the expansion of the population has brought about both good and bad changes. Substance abuse is one of the most popular and important problems that we are faced with today. The drug abuse problem can be linked to burglaries, thefts, domestics, murder and many other criminal activities. As your Sheriff I promise to fight drug and alcohol abuse throughout our Knox County.

Now more than ever we are now making more drug and alcohol-related arrest; however we feel like the public, especially the children should be more educated on the dangers associated with substance abuse. Drug awareness is not possible with out the continuous support of the community. Substance abuse not only effects the user it also effects there family friends and everyone in the community.

I ask that you please take the time to report any drug activity in your community. You may call the office at 606-546-3181 or email us at All callers will remain anonymous.

I think you for your support and appreciate your help in fighting the war on drugs in Knox County.


John D. Pickard

Sheriff Knox County


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